We know how valuable your time is! We understand that you need to focus on what matters most in your business! So we're here to help you on technical stuff that you shouldn't be doing yourself!

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We’ve Helped Small Business Owners and Entrepreneurs build their funnels, setup automations, systems, processes and other TECH Needs!

We’ve crafted, trained and hired VA’s that understand how your business work from the ground-up!

With people that knows the whats, hows and the why’s of your business, you’ll free yourself up from PRISON of doing things that you shouldn’t be doing!

"I was struggling with doing all the tech myself."

I was struggling with doing all the tech myself. I didn't have time to set up processes or training and I needed someone who already knew how to do all the set up I needed in the programs I use. I was stuck doing everything myself and it sucked all my time. With VADSPh Team, I don't have to worry about my tech or set up. I know it gets done and it gets done fast.

Brandon LuceroFounder, Sold With


Save your time and energy from probing, teaching and training new Virtual Assistant!

Get your project started as fast and simple as possible!

And hey! Getting VADSPh Team in your ARSENAL is as easy as One Two Three!

What Our Clients Have to Say

Jenn Sunnerton

Founder/CEO, Moko Media

We had a lot of specific technical needs. We didn't have the budget to hire full time positions in each of these specific areas. VADSPh offered us a one stop solution to all of our needs. The team is managed seamlessly. Every time I trust them with a more challenging task or project, they go above and beyond to exceed my expectations. A lot of small tasks were not being completed fast enough. The team not only takes care of those jobs, they also anticipate what might be needed next.

Liliana Partida,CN

CMO, Keto Stacking

We were struggling in setting up campaigns in Infusionsoft and integrating Kajabi, SamCart and Leadpages. We had been overwhelmed by too much technical work for one person to do. With VADSPh Team, the feeling is “peace of mind” knowing a highly skilled team has your back.

Markian Sich

Active Duty Passive Income

I just needed a tech savvy team to help me manage my workload in Kajabi, Drip, and Thrive cart. I could do everything, but it was a lot slower... now I can ask them to take care of the tasks that were slowing me down and not allowing me to get my business where I wanted it to be.

Love working with them! They set me up in Asana (Which is now my company's project management tool as well!) and we got to work immediately... they have been easy to work with and very helpful. Moreover, I love that they provide suggestions and ideas of their own!

Jim Coleman

Giggle Loopsy, LLC

I needed a membership site put together for my online business, so I setup to do some research in locating someone proficient in this area. Soon I found Clint and his team. I learned they came highly recommended and also specialized in this area. I hired Clint to setup the site for me and he and his team did a great job. They were well organized, had clear communication, and performed exactly what they said for exactly what they quoted me. I'm very pleased and would use Clint and his team again in the future.

Gail Edgell

Holistic Marketing Mentors, CEO

This is Gail Sophia Edgell from Hollistic Marketing Mentors, before hiring Clint and his team, we were really struggling with how to get everything accomplished. And now that we hired Clint, everything has changed for us. He is very professional, listens to changes and input that we may have. He is very timely, I highly recommend him. He worked with us on website optimization, helped us with some plugins, developed our fan page and our Twitter page. The logo and custom design work that he did is above and beyond what we ever expected. And again I highly recommend Clint and his team, for any freelance and Virtual Assistance Services.


Get fast answers to most of your questions! Sometimes you just need a little help.

How Do I know How much Hours I’ve already Consumed? +

How Do I know How Much Hours I’ve already Consumed?

Every end of the week, we will send you a weekly report in a PDF that contains all the activities and work that we do for you.

What will Happen to My Unused Hours? +

What will Happen to My Unused Hours?

Your unused hours will remain usable up to three months. That means, if you no longer have project or tasks to assign to VASPh Team for the moment, you still have 3 months from the date of your purchase for you to use it later on.

I’m not sure how much hours I may need! +

I’m not sure how much hours I may need!

It’s easy! You can start at our Kick Starter plan that will help us be able to work for you. If you think you’ll need us frequently, purchase the higher package so you’ll get a lower hourly rate.

How do I know I need to hire your TEAM? +

How do I know I need to hire your TEAM?

You will know you need to hire us if you’re caught up in the following situation

  • Too many administrative tasks you’re doing yourself
  • You don’t have enough time to work on your business strategies
  • You have time constraints on creating your content
  • You don’t have enough time to do the long process of hiring a VA on job sites

What we’d like to point out is that, you will hire us to move yourself away from those techy stuffs that you shouldn’t be doing yourself so you can focus on building up quality content and strategies for your business.

Who needs or used your VA Services? +

Who needs or used your VA Services?

If you’re asking whether you’ll need our service, just check the list below if you belong to any of them:

  • Coach and Authors
  • Blogger
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Non-profit Organizations
  • Online Business Starters
  • Branding and Design Companies
  • Online Business Owners that needs help with their administrative work
  • Offline Business who wants to run their business online
  • Companies with too many employees but are getting unproductive results
  • Real Estate Agent or Broker
  • Affiliate Marketer
What if I can’t find the VA task on your services lists? +

What if I can’t find the VA task on your services lists?

We don’t and never promised that we know how to do everything. But we know we are able to accomplish things for you that are already in our VA Services list. If you can’t find what you  are looking for in our VA Services list, you can always contact us and ask to know if we’re willing to spent time on learning how to do the tasks and provide it to you!

What are the Limitations of Your Services? +

What are the Limitations of Your Services?

The VASPh Company don’t provide or serve VA Services to any projects that are related to pornography, gambling and any form of projects that promotes or do illegal stuffs. If you’re content or your planned project are related to those things, please don’t contact us. Period!

How about the security of my credentials? How secure it is as it’s shared by your team? +

How about the security of my credentials? How secure it is as it’s shared by your team?

We are using Lastpass to let our clients share their login credentials. You can read our post why we choose lastpass here and how it’ll be an advantage to clients.
Note that, the member of our team are handpicked and meticulously trained and educated of the importance of your valuable information. So we ensure that your credentials are safe with us.

How fast can you cater my day to day task? +

How fast can you cater my day to day task?

We aim to respond to our clients within 1 hour! That’s why VASPh team are trained to be prompt and to communicate effectively.

How many clients can you serve without affecting the quality of your service? +

How many clients can you serve without affecting the quality of your service?

We understand that the more clients a Virtual Assistant serves, they might get lost their focus or they might get overwhelmed and become unproductive. Not with VASPh Team! Our team have been trained to know “How much is TOO much”. We’ve set determining factors what will prompt the entire team to say, we’re at our MAX! We work as a team and so we help each other to ensure no one is carrying all the burden alone.

Also know that, VASPh team are not limited to a single team. We’ve been constantly training and building batches of TEAMS in order to cater as many clients that needs our services. We’ve created a STATUS page where you can view the STATUS of the Team here. Our status page will provide you an overview on how many clients a team is serving and if there are any upcoming batches of team being trained and when they are ready to serve clients.

What’s the Difference from hiring a Personal VA? +

What’s the Difference from hiring a Personal VA?

Hiring a Personal VA is good but if you’re looking for a faster completion of your desired project and tasks for your business, why settle for a personal VA when you can hire an ENTIRE VASPh Team?

Hiring VASPh Team will also take way the lengthy and daunting process of hiring a virtual assistant.

What Skill Sets does your Team Have? +

What Skill Sets does your Team Have?

VASPH Team are composed of members that have broad skill sets. They are not just expert of one, neither a “jack of all trade - expert of none”. But are experienced VAs on many different fields of tasks under an extensive training provided by VASPh Company.

We don’t just train and build skill sets among our team members, we also built strong biblical core principles into our hearts that allow us to serve our clients with our BEST!


If you have any questions, don't hesitate to reach our support at [email protected]