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  • Trim and Cut

    Get your videos cleaned up! Our experts can do the trimming and cutting on the portion you wanted to get rid of.

  • Optimize Your Video for Web View

    Our video editing experts can optimize your videos to make them web compatible and complying to the upload standards of video sites like Youtube and Facebook, etc.

  • Audio and Video Syncing

    Your video and audio is out of sync, our video editors can fix them for you? Or have a slide an audio to get synced? We’ll get it done!

  • Text to Screen Video

    Just simply, add texts to your video!

  • Green Screen

    We can take out the green background color and replace it with your desired background.

  • Jump and Cut

    Our video editing experts can clean up your mess ups by using jump and cut to your videos and make your video engaging to watch.

  • Transcribe Your Video

    Not having a script for your video and need your video transcribed? Get our video editing experts transcribe them for you.

  • Upload to Video Sites

    Youtube, facebook, vimeo, amazon s3, wistia, membership site and the list goes and on. Wherever you want your video gets uploaded, our video editing experts can get it done for you!

  • Embed to Website

    Get your videos embedded to your website, blog or other content management platform.

  • Intro Video

    Our video editing experts can create you a good and high quality intro video for your videos.


Save your time and energy from probing, teaching and training new Virtual Assistant! Get your project started as fast and simple as possible! Having VASPh Team in your ARSENAL is as easy as One Two Three!

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  • WordPress Development
  • Video Editing
  • Amazon Experts
  • Virtual Assistant
  • Click Funnels
  • Kajabi Experts
  • Data Entry
  • Infusionsoft

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