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WHAT OUR Customer Support Specialist Can Do?

  • Know Your Products or Services

    Our customer support specialists will spent knowing your product or services to cater what your customer needs!

  • Respond to Your Tickets

    Know the problem of your customers and respond to the queries they’ve submitted to you as fast as possible with quality, with love and care packed on every answer.

  • Create Processes for other Team Members

    Create a step by step guide(video or pdf) of answering your customer queries and provide it to you or other team members so more customer support can jump in and help you out.

  • Manage Live Chat

    Get your customer support manage your livechat.

  • Find Your Best Customer Support Solution

    Can help you find the best tool or software you will need on your business to provide customer support.


Save your time and energy from probing, teaching and training new Virtual Assistant! Get your project started as fast and simple as possible! Having VASPh Team in your ARSENAL is as easy as One Two Three!

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Popular Skills Sets of VASPh Team

  • WordPress Development
  • Video Editing
  • Amazon Experts
  • Virtual Assistant
  • Click Funnels
  • Kajabi Experts
  • Data Entry
  • Infusionsoft

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