Imagine you have a huge project you wanted to accomplish and you need help from a Virtual Assistant Team like VASPh and you need to give detailed information, share files and make sure everything are organized accordingly. So how to communicate with virtual assistant effectively?

Whether you want to make some changes on some part of your website, edit your videos, add graphics and optimize your blog post, fix wordpress and the list goes on and on, then you have to have the tools where you can just easily get your message across and get the job done!

Here is the list of tools we are using to collaborate, organize things and work together efficiently with our clients thus, make us productive!




Jing is a FREE screencast and a screenshot tool where you can record your screen and give instruction or get snapshot and use it’s features to easily explain what changes or task you wanted to get accomplished.




Google Drive


Google Drive is an easy to use tool to collaborate with documents like word, spreadsheet, slides and drawings. There are lot of extensions too that you can use that fits your need. 

Balsamiq Mockup Tool


Balsamiq is one of your cool resources to create mockups. Whether you want to send a web design mockup of how your website or membership site should look like, it’s a great tool to help you with!


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Use dropbox to share bulk and large files like videos, audios and pdfs to your Virtual Assistant Team at ease. It’s pretty easy with dropbox. You just need to create a folder where you want to store all the files and then share that folder to your team and the files will automatically synced to their devices.



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On all of the projects we served, we are using Trello to work together as a team. We list all the details and put some checklists to accomplish a certain project.

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