So, you’ve been trying to put up your business online and now, you need helpmates in your business. In this post, we’ll dive into the topic of Outsourcing. Let’s answer some good questions, shall we?

Let’s start with your why

Why should you be Outsourcing?  

Starting to outsource is one big decision that you’ll be making for your business. So it requires more time of deep thoughts and knowing all the ins and outs of it to ensure it would help your business.

Let’s take a look at your current situation in your business and where you’re at right now. Do you have too many things to do on your to-do lists? Or can you find a good amount of time to do what you ought to be doing in your business? If not, that’s because you’re performing too many roles. There’s a common phrase that says “LESS is MORE” which invokes simplicity.

The less amount of distractions, the more you can focus. The fewer tasks you’re time and focus is being spent, the more you can get done. So let’s quickly dive into the 3 core roles in your business.

The 3 Major Roles of Your Business

Know that, in every business, there are 3 major roles that need to be filled to achieve online success. And as entrepreneurs, if you’re working alone without a business partner, you’ll surely have to fill all these roles.

The 3 major roles of your online business are called the Salesman, Marketing, and Tech person! Each role plays an important part in your online success. There are other roles but let’s focus on these three.

The salesman role is the one that crafts the product or services, the pricing and all necessary planning and strategic acts pertaining to what to SELL.

The Marketing role is responsible for bearing all the burden of setting up strategies to market the product or service that the salesman role has crafted — bringing it to the masses!

And the Tech person role is the ones responsible for setting up all the website, adding codes, setup landing pages, optin pages, setup automation and integrations of the software that is necessary for promotions, etc(all tech stuff!).

And yes, you might be filling these three roles in your business right now unconsciously. Doing a lot of things and filling different roles might sound awesome but in the long run, it would be counterproductive. You might be able to find yourself missing a lot of things that need to get done and your priorities are getting messed up!

That’s the BIG indication “WHY You Would Need to Outsource”!

As the owner or founder of the business you put in, you have to be in “Salesman” or “Marketing” person. You have to focus on strategies and business plans to bring sales and income to your business. And you can’t do that effectively when you’re trying to stretch yourself too thin!

Scaling and growing your business as what it currently is can hardly be attainable because of different factors. Specifically pertaining to your capacity, your number of hours, your skillsets and the to-do lists on your plate that you need to get done.

Lets’ face it! If you wanted to really expand, you need to LEVERAGE other people’s time, talents and skills. As an entrepreneur and business owners, we need to be able to spend time and focus on the things that really matters right? With too many things on our plate, our organizational skill might not be enough.

Let’s make my experience as a scenario example, shall we? Back from the day that I started my online business, I worked as a one man in my business. I did it all! I wore multiple hats and filling different roles in my business. I’m the boss and I’m the employee! Sounds like you right now? Don’t get discouraged, every business might probably have to start that way somehow. If you’re just getting started, knowing why you should be outsourcing might help you save years of your time.

When you’re outsourcing, you’re hiring people with different talents and skills that your business needs. Most specifically, virtual assistants that can fill the role of being the TECH Person of your business.

They will be able to save you tons of your precious time and save you from lots of frustrations and $$$! Speaking of money, people think outsourcing is expensive, what’s really expensive is the time that you might waste not knowing outsourcing.

With the right knowledge, tools and proper execution, you’ll be able to hire virtual assistants with great skills which will save you tons of money in the long run than not having one. And that’s also one of the reasons why you would choose the Philippines to outsource.

Why to the Philippines?

Outsourcing to the Philippines is very cost effective. From time to time, regular Filipino workers are starting to choose to work online because they can find a greater opportunity than local jobs which only have an average salary of $150-$350/month. Even managers and high ranking positions in big companies are only earning as much $400-500/month. 

But it’s not just about the money or the price. It’s about the quality of work that Filipino’s are able to perform. They’re smart, talented, resourceful and always wanted to see YOU happy with their performance.

It means for you, that you as a business owner, you can find and hire people from the Philippines with high educational attainment and will likely be loyal and willing to work for you. Philippines also is one of the top countries that are widely English speakers and writers. Most likely, they are willing to learn and spend time developing skillsets to help your company successful. They are success driven and not money driven individuals. 

One common fear of business owners like you and me on hiring Filipino workers is getting scammed. But pretty much the same as the Filipino workers, they have fear of getting scammed by those that hired them. But good news, there were already tools and technology today that could help you interview and background check the people you’re hiring. I’ve mentioned the places you can hire VA’s from my how to hire virtual assistant with ease post here.

Finding the person you need to fill up the tech person role in your business would be one of the wise decision you would make for your business! 

The Whats?

So what is a virtual assistant and what can they do for you? A virtual assistant is a person with different skillsets that can work for you and your business virtually.

You can start freeing yourself up from different types of tasks by delegating the to-do lists that you shouldn’t be doing as a business owner.

Just ask yourself this simple question.

“As the business owner, what are the list of things that I shouldn’t be doing”?

List all the to-do lists that your business have and use a separate sheet of paper of the tasks you filtered out that you shouldn’t be doing. Any lists of tasks that aren’t in the position of being the salesman or the marketing role in your business, that could be a good stuffs you should outsource to a virtual assistant. Here are some lists that you might get!

  • Help manage and clean up your email
  • Setup WordPress websites
  • Build your landing pages or squeeze pages
  • Do an SEO work
  • Edit videos
  • Upload videos
  • Trim videos
  • Transcribe videos and audios
  • Customer support
  • Edit your picture
  • Do research
  • Data entry
  • Manage the tools and software you use
  • HTML/Javascript/CSS/PHP
  • Formatting blog posts
  • Tasks that are so technical for you
  • And the list goes on and on…

There could be countless of things that you can be freed up from when you have someone to help you in your business.The only thing you should do is to ask the VA if he/she’s willing to learn and do it for you and so you can free more of your time and spent it on a much important matter on your business that you’re most productive at.


So where can you hire a good and reliable virtual assistant? Here are some few places I recommend to go when you need to hire Virtual Assistants to help you in your online business. have their own tracking software where you can track your employees working hours. The challenge you will face when you’re posting a job at would be choosing a candidate, interviewing and picking the best one!

Just a heads up, requires you to pay starting from $69/month(as long as you need their platform for hiring a VA) and use their premium feature for interviewing and contacting the applicants. You can cancel anytime when you no longer need to hire someone from

Outsourcely is another resource you can use to find virtual assistants from the Philippines. They have a great platform which allows you to use they’re built in software for an interview(video calling and chatting like Skype).

Just a big heads up! Hiring someone from these sites can be time-consuming and would take tons of your time. Here’s just a summary of what you should be doing.

  • Write Job Post(make it descriptive to attract potential individual)
  • Set expectations to provide standard for whom you’re looking for
  • Go through the list of applicants and read their resumes and see who fit your criteria
  • Interview those potential individuals
  • Finally, Hire the best candidate and agree to your agreements
  • Start assigning tasks
  • Pay them weekly, bi-weekly or monthly

That’s a whole lot of lists that you need to go through. And one of the reasons I created VASPh Team.

If you choose to outsource from or outsourcely and other similar platforms, don’t just forget to enjoy the process. Because once you’ll have your Virtual Assistant, it’s gonna be the start of freeing up some loads of tasks!

VASPh Team

Last but not the least, the VASPh Team! You can hire an entire Virtual Assistant team instead of hiring just one Virtual Assistant. The difference between a team and a single VA is huge. Especially when the people that you’ve hired worked together for one common goal(your business success!).

Tip of advice. If you’re planning to build your own Virtual Assistant team to work in your business, do it one at a time. Give time for the first Virtual Assistant you’ve hired, give him/her all the resources he needed to improve and get additional skillsets(especially on managerial and project management skill). Along the way, don’t forget to compensate his/her effort as you see improvements in your revenue stream after hiring the VA.

Once you’re ready to hire additional people to build up your team, you can make that first hired VA as the lead or your project manager. Don’t forget, don’t rush on adding too many people in your team. Just add when your workforce necessarily needs more and that it could result in good cash flow.

Right Mindset and Your Awesome Tools for Outsourcing with Ease!

As I’ve mentioned, with the right tools and proper execution, outsourcing will have a great impact on your business. So I’ve written a separate post about How to Outsource to the Philippines with Ease!

In that post, you’ll be able to learn about the simple mindset that makes a huge difference when outsourcing and the list of tools you can use to have a streamline communication with those you’ve hired to accomplish your project’s goals(no affiliate links, just pure content!).

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