Lastpass is a password manager software that allows you to create secure login credentials to sites and desktop software that requires login and store them safely to Lastpass’ server.

Creating a Secure Login Details is Hard!

Creating a secure login, specially about a secure password is surely challenging. For most of us, we often use a password that we can easily remember. But most often, when we use those easy to remember password, we might get rejected by some websites like for example Infusionsoft and other strict sites that will require you to use strong password to login to their site.

Good to know, lastpass have all the features we need. It has a strong password generator feature that allows us to save tons of time. We’ll go over to lastpass features in a few moment but first, let me share to you some experience(let experience speak! right?).

Our Previous Conventional Way of Sharing Credentials

For couple of years, back from when I started working as Virtual Assistant for an employer, we basically used an un-secure and not so convenient way of sharing credentials. And you might have experience it yourself. Or probably, you’re still using this method today, namely — email, google doc, skype, facebook messenger and the likes!

This method of sharing credentials are likely NOT secure and quite a bit of a pain. One of the pain that I’d like to mention is that, what if I need to login often to a website or web tools that I’m using? Well, I have to go back and forth to the document that contains the credentials.

And it’s my practice to do a regular cache and cookies cleanup as one of many steps of precautions to ensure my computer is clean from hackers and protect my client’s information. With that said, my browser will log me out to all the sites that I’m logged in. So, I have to go back to the credentials document again and do the copy and paste thing.

That’s just one that I’ve mentioned so to speak. But there are many other pains like the security concerns when managing our credentials but I won’t discuss about them further but instead, let’s dive into why Lastpass is VASPh Team’s choice!

Lastpass’s Features and Why We Stick to It!

Before meeting lastpass, I’ve experience using other password management tools like Roboform. Due to some technicalities and not so convenient using the tool, I’ve tried to do a search to find a better one and I’ve found lastpass(sooo Romantic isn’t it?)!

Here are top features of Lastpass that I’d like to mention and that is so beneficial for me and my team.

fade-leftfade-rightPASSWORD MANAGEMENT

Saving your credential to a safe place is one thing. Sharing it securely with additional feature is phenomenal! Lastpass allows you to share your credentials to your team without them seeing the password(you can choose to if you want to though – check screenshot below).






fade-leftfade-rightFORM FILL

Have tried filling out forms? Will, it will take you minutes to fillup a form, specially when it’s long. You can easily fill any form fields with Lastpass’s Form Fill feature.Form Fill

What it does is that, it allows you to save common form data in a safe place for easy filling in the future! When you’re buying things online, you’ll need to fill out a form. When you’re creating an account, you’ll need to fill out the form! Why not just click a button to automatically fill those information for you! Lastpass Form Fill does that!

As a Virtual Assistant, we use form filling on our test purchases on the payment gateways like Samcart, Infusionsoft and others. That saves us a lot of time rather than manually typing from name, email, address and even credit card information!

Just so you know, there’s also added security features if you’re saving Credit Card information in Lastpass’ Form Fill(see screenshot). It will be safe to do so especially, when you’re allowing other people to use your computer or you’re using other’s computer.
form fill

Take note, you don’t have the ability to share your Form Fill credentials. But if you want to, you can add it to a Secure Note(check next feature), and share it to them so they can add it on their Lastpass’s Form Fill and use that form data to fill forms.

fade-leftfade-rightSECURE NOTES

Yes! It’s one of my favorite. I no longer have to save important account information in my computer and then later on forget where I’ve put them! With Lastpass’s Secure Notes feature, you can save different types of NOTES!I mostly save our FTP credentials for our clients’ server and share it with our team.

That safely avoid being sneaked by a hacker and steal those information. With Secure Notes, I can easily share it with my team and allow them to use it when needed!You can SAVE almost any kind of NOTES in Secure Notes and share it if you want. From Bank Details, Credit Card, Email Accounts, Driver’s License, and even your Wifi Password!

fade-leftfade-rightPASSWORD GENERATOR

password generatorGenerating a safe and secure password is not easy. We tend to be tempted to
use the simple once and easy to remember credentials for the sake that we don’t lose them. It’s frustrating to go through a “Forgot Password” process right? With Generate Secure Password feature of Lastpass, you can easily generate a very STRONG password combination and easily save them!





Why We Love Lastpass?

Here are the reasons why I and my team love using Lastpass.

fade-leftfade-rightSetting Up Account is a Breeze!

It’s pretty easy to setup an account on lastpass. If you’re first time using Lastpass, it’s easy as 123! Once you install and run Lastpass’s software either through your browser extension or OS compatible installers, Lastpass will automatically provide you a form for you to fillup to create your account. Or Login if you already have an existing account. How easy is that? That’s actually faster than reading my explanation!

fade-leftfade-rightIts Multi-Browsers Compatibility

I’m a fan of Google Chrome and when I’m using a tool, I have to ensure it has extension for me and my team be able to use it directly through the browser. And good thing is, Lastpass has chrome extension and for other browsers like Firefox, etc.

fade-leftfade-rightWe Can Save Credentials Securely and Easily

Once lastpass is installed in your browser(chrome extension), you’ll have to create or login to an existing lastpass account. And from there, you can readily start saving your credentials to lastpass and login.

fade-leftfade-rightWe Share or Unshare Credentials Easily

Share your credentials so so so easily! And when one of your team needs to flee or no longer part of your team, you can easily unshare stuffs unto them.

we share or unshare credentials easily

fade-leftfade-rightWe Can Save Important Notes Securely

There are important details that our team needs for specific project. Sending them in an email or in a project management tool might need some extra steps and might get lost in a way. With Lastpass, it’s easy to save notes for a our specific clients and share it with the team when necessary.
We highly regard our client’s credentials confidentiality and Lastpass can help us provide that added security for our clients.

fade-leftfade-rightWe Can Sync With Multiple Devices

One of many thing we loved with Lastpass is that, it’s mobility! What we’ve saved in our Lastpass VAULT, I can access it anywhere(as long as there is internet).

So, have lastpass in your arsenal. It’s easy to get started and what’s great is, it’s FREE! Lastpass offers premium upgrade but if you want to stick with FREE, it’s not a problem! You will still have all the features you will need like saving and sharing your credentials to the team.

I’ve been using FREE version of lastpass for over 4 years. Now that I have a team, I needed to scale up. I purchased Lastpass premium to meet my business needs in terms of managing personal and company’s credentials and even my client’s’ credentials!

How about you? Are you using lastpass with your team and for your business? If not, try it now! It will surely save you tons of time and frustrations in managing your credentials.

Have you used lastpass before? Share you experience below!